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Lori-Lu Who???

A Firm Grip on Life

What a photo of total security... a newborn hanging on to that "Oh, SO much bigger " finger! Big blue eyes open to the future, a crooked little smile...such possibilities and hope! This one just happens to be extra special because it is OUR little newborn! OK...back this up a few words lest one of you reading is frantically trying to figure out just HOW in the world you managed to MISS my preganancy! LOL This one is our newest grandgirlie whom we proudly help bring into this world last week. After a scary stay in the NICU this little toughie is now home and life rolls on...


We are so thankful for all of the support given during this year of transition; everything from my health, moving across the country, to car accidents and now this little cutie! (And, of course, who can resist a bit of baby fun??)

From now on I'll be posting here from "Lori-Lu Whoville", (a magical little place that may sound just a BIT familiar!), sharing life and a viewpoint or two from the crib! Oh yeah, and when you see that pretty wee one's face posted on the website page... be sure to click to get the latest sale news and discount code! Lori-Lu Who Wants Jewelry?

Awwwww... cuz I could!

And to all of the incredible nurses who were there around the clock...

Thank you again...and email me if you have any questions!

A happy, exhausted, thrilled beyond words...YaYa Pamela

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