Handmade Vintage Quilt Circa 1870

Handmade Vintage Quilt Circa 1870

Handmade Vintage Quilt Circa 1870

Stitched with love 4 generations ago in the "Turkey Tracks" pattern
(#5.36 in Brackman's Encyclopedia of Applique Patterns,
although this quilt is pieced, not appliqued)
It is 75" wide and 82" long...
Perfectly sized for a guest room bed or wall display!
Predominantly cream colored with cherry red and summer green accents.

This wonderful heirloom is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted;
the construction and quilting is appraised as "Excellent" with 7-8 stitches per inch.
There are 36 blocks, each approximately 9",
set 6x6 on point with alternating unpieced blocks.
It is finished with a 3" border in the same fabric as the background.

The quilting is in a 5/8" grid for the unpieced blocks
and in 3/4" parallel lines in the pieced blocks.
The quilt backing has been brought to the front 1/4" and applied by hand.

It is in wonderful condition, bright and colorful
with only the slightest bit of fading on some of the red and green prints.
PLEASE NOTE: There are several small very faded stains which you can see on the photos.
It was appraised in 2005 and valued THEN at $1300.

The appraisal letter also lists the provenance of this beautiful heirloom.
It has been passed down thru a good friend's family
and was donated to ours to help raise funds to cover medical expenses.
Please respect the value of the donation if you wish to make an offer.
Thank you.
Please email Pamela at HFATucson@gmail.com if you wish to make an offer.

Because this is a fundraising effort please understand...
Appraisal letter will only be included with listed purchase price .