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About Pamela Gregan

Located in the Catalina Foothills just to the east of Tucson, AZ.,  Pamela Gregan and her husband (Mesa native) Bentley Gregan, of Planet Caravan Photography, returned home to Arizona after living in the Chicago area for the over 15 years... and they are very, very glad to finally be thawing out and spending time with their daughter and the Grandgirlies!



A retired pastor, Pamela is busy living her AZ life both in the studio and out! Whether it be hiking with her camera, hammering copper, or with scissors and fabric in hand she enjoys teaching, designing, & creating as well as learning whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself!



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Sewing since the age of 5, her fiber work includes custom designed quilts, as well as museum mounted wall pieces.  Using hand-dyed and painted fabrics, beads, wool, stone and found objects amongst other things to create one of a kind art is a passion which carried over into jewelry design after retiring from the ministry.

   Her studio stash has grown to include leathers, sheet metal, and assorted goodies from the local Ace Hardware that now keep company with her freshwater pearls, Indian silks and anything Swarovski!  She also revels in upcycling, recyling and generally repurposing anything that her imagination gets a hold of!  

Hammered copper leather and silk bead statement necklace
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As a "old married couple",  Pamela & Ben Gregan enjoy photography...sharing cameras,  lenses, & challenging each other on their photo excursions. 


Pamela does all of her own jewelry shoots,  loves working with models of all ages and is always ready for a "Camera hike". Working with children & families to capture their lives together, women's potraiture, and creating videos for clients are special focuses of her photography.  


The Hold Fast Artworks Studio in Tanque Verde, Arizona is open by appointment only.  520-775-1520  or by email.



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 Beauty Within Grasp! 

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